Bouillon Paste

At Totally Innovative Foods Ltd we supply a wide variety of bouillon pastes to the catering sector. Some of the features and benefits of our bouillon paste range include:

  • Available in 6 flavours all gluten free
  • Resealable tubs to ensure quality, freshness and the ease of storage
  • Suitable for own label or bespoke options
  • MSG free options available
  • Authentic taste profile
  • Gourmet brand reduces your spend by 30% in comparison to brand leaders

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Gourmet Chicken Bouillon: 1.6kg (80 litres)
A rich aromatic flavoured stock, suitable for general stock usage

Gourmet Beef Bouillon:1.6kg (80 litres)
A rich full beef flavour ideal for braises, stews and sauces

Gourmet Vegetable Bouillon: 1.6kg (80 litres)
A delicious taste of fresh vegetables, perfect for gravies, soups and pasta dishes

G10_150px G11_150px

Gourmet Tomato Bouillon: 1.6kg (40 litres)
An authentic tomato flavoured stock, ideal for minestrone soup and Italian dishes

Gourmet Mushroom Bouillon: 1.6kg (80 litres)
A real forest mushroom taste, suitable for mushroom soups and risottos

Gourmet Fish Bouillon: 1.6kg (80 litres)
A robust white fishy flavour ideal for seafoods dishes and chowders

Taste of Gourmet